90-Day Dispensing

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In February 2016, SF 2214 was signed into law allowing pharmacists to dispense up to a 90-day supply of a drug, other than a controlled substance or anti-psychotic medication, to a patient with a valid prescription. Before this law went into effect on February 8, 2016, this option was only allowed through mail-order pharmacies. 

Now patients may enjoy the convenience of a 90-day prescription supply directly from their local pharmacy and pharmacies can meet their patients’ needs without concern of PBM audits for 90-day fills.

To Dispense a 90-day Supply

  • The total amount prescribed must be at least a 90-day supply 
  • The prescription must not contain specific prescribing instructions due to medically necessity (only dispense 30 days at a time)
  • The pharmacist must notify the prescriber of the change in quantity dispensed

The Benefits of 90-day Dispensing

  • Freedom to provide medications in amounts that are most convenient for patients
  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy for refill prescriptions, which may help patients better adhere to their treatment regimen
  • Co-pay savings to your patients (where coverage permits)
  • Protection against PBM audits for quantity dispensed varying from quantity written for prescriptions meeting the criteria
View a copy of the bill here.