About Us

The Iowa Pharmacy Association is the state society representing the profession of pharmacy in Iowa, united for the purpose of promoting safe and effective medication use to improve the health of patients. Since 1880, the Iowa Pharmacy Association is organized to preserve and advance the interests of the profession and to serve the professional needs of all pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.

Our Mission

The Iowa Pharmacy Association empowers the pharmacy profession to improve health outcomes.

Our Vision

The Iowa Pharmacy Association is the preeminent voice for all pharmacy professionals in Iowa and the leader in advancing pharmacy practice transformation. 

Our Values

Collaboration: Seek opportunities to partner with key stakeholders to achieve common goals and tackle healthcare challenges.
Advocacy: Promote the value of the pharmacy profession to payers, policymakers, and patients and enable our members to do the same.
Innovation: Strive for excellence by actively pursuing “what’s next” for pharmacy practice.
Education: Provide high-quality educational resources and opportunities to equip an engaged and innovative membership
Engagement: Cultivate a culture that drives members to be actively engaged within their profession and provide them with opportunities to make an impactful contribution.
Leadership: Invest in the future of the pharmacy profession by nurturing leaders and innovators who inspire others to transform the profession.
Positive Patient Outcomes: The health and safety of the patient is at the core of everything that the profession and this association does, guided by the principle of “if it’s good for the patient, it’s good for pharmacy.”