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Burnout & Resiliency

IPA recognizes that a healthy and thriving clinician workforce is imperative to ensuring optimal patient health outcomes and safety. IPA hopes to create and support a culture of well-being by providing resources for our members. 

The IPA Board of Trustees has adopted the issue of clinician well-being and burnout as a primary goal of IPA’s strategic plan. As IPA continues its mission to empower the pharmacy profession to improve the health of our communities, we recognize this important issue and hope our members will find these resources helpful in addressing burnout and mental health within our profession.

Pharmacy Workplace and Well-Being Reporting (PWWR)

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) have launched the Pharmacy Workplace and Well-Being Reporting (PWWR) program, the first confidential reporting mechanism of its kind to collect anonymous reports from pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists about their positive and negative experiences in the pharmacy workplace. The program aims to enhance and safeguard the pharmacy workplace using responses from practitioners like you.

The PWWR portal was developed to allow pharmacy professionals to address workplace concerns and suggest improvements without fear of retribution. Reports submitted to the PWWR will remain confidential and anonymous and will be collected and analyzed by the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS).

Submit to the Pharmacy Workplace & Well-being Reporting portal here

APhA’s Well-Being Index Report

In 2018, the APhA Board of Trustees adopted a statement on Pharmacists Well-being and Resiliency and committed to addressing this issue by including it in the Association’s strategic plan. This plan included a Well-Being Index (WBI), an anonymous online screening tool invented by the Mayo Clinic to evaluate fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety/stress, and mental/physical quality of life to assess your well-being. The WBI is a free assessment for pharmacy personnel. Use invitation code: APhA

Results of the index from October 2023 are available here. The report specific to the state of Iowa can be found here.

Building a Sustainable, Healthy Pharmacy Workforce and Workplace
In June 2023, APhA, along with ASHP and NABP, convened 50 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, employers, and state boards of pharmacy executives for the invitational Implementing Solutions Summit: Building a Sustainable, Healthy, Pharmacy Workforce and Workplace. The final report lays out actions to implement solutions to improve workplace conditions by addressing day-to-day challenges, removing obstacles to well-being, and advancing practice models for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The report identifies transformative and actionable changes for pharmacy. 

Understanding the Extent of Burnout in Our Profession


What are Organizations Saying & Doing About Burnout?




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Updated October 2023