Burnout & Resiliency

IPA recognizes that a healthy and thriving clinician workforce is imperative to ensuring optimal patient health outcomes and safety. IPA hopes to create and support a culture of well-being by providing resources for our members. 

Recently, IPA Board of Trustees adopted the issue of clinician well-being and burnout as a primary goal of IPA’s strategic plan. As IPA continues its mission to empower the pharmacy profession to improve health outcomes, we recognize this important issue and hope our members will find these resources helpful in addressing this important issue within our profession.

Understanding the Extent of Burnout in Our Profession

‚ÄčWhat is burnout?
Burnout syndrome among healthcare professionals
Recognizing, reversing, and preventing hospital pharmacist burnout
Pharmacists and burnout: first step is to acknowledge the data about providers
Patient safety culture, a conversation with Bryan Sexton, PhD, Director of Patient Safety Center for the Duke University Health System PODCAST
The Happy MD – blog about the physician burnout
Why are pharmacy students burning out?
Dates & Locations

Tools for Assessment

Instruments to assess work-related dimensions of well-being
Measuring burnout
Meyvn Group
1:1 Burnout & Resiliency Coaching | Leadership Training | Organizational Burnout Consulting
Discounted services for pharmacists, student pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, & pharmacy organizations. 100% confidential.
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What are Organizations Saying & Doing About Burnout?

ASHP statement on commitment to clinician well-being and resilience
NAM action collaborative on clinician well-being and resilience
APhA looks to alleviate increasing pressures of the profession
ASHP leads the way on well-being and resilience
ASHP Clinician Well-Being and Resilience Resource Center 
Mayo Clinic’s commitment to physician well-being


for Leaders
Resources for
Individuals, Students
Online Community-
Building: Peer Support

Promoting Well-Being
Time Management
Apps & Tools

Resources for Leaders
Create a culture that keeps employees motivated and happy
How to start the conversation on workplace well-being and resilience  *ASHP membership required
Organizational strategies to promote engagement and reduce burnout
ASHP midyear clinical networking session: recap on clinician well-being and resilience *ASHP membership required
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – Office of well-being and resilience
Taking an inventory of your institute’s well-being plan
A very mixed record on grad student mental health
Graduate school can have a terrible effect on people’s mental health

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Resources for Individuals, Students
Clinician well-being and resilience connect community*requires ASHP membership
Factors Affecting Clinician Well-Being and Resilience
Empowering pharmacists to address burnout and resiliency
Managing yourself beating burnout

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Online Community-Building: Peer Support
Combating clinician burnout with community -building    
ASHP Connect – clinician well-being and resilience online community *ASHP membership required

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Promoting Resiliency
Resiliency Training: What is it, why it’s important, where does it fit in? Minnesota Hospital Association
Three easy ways to find your resilience
Duke University Health System Patient Safety Center: Enhancing caregiver resilience
Your healthiest self: wellness toolkits
What resilience really looks like and how to build it

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Promoting Well-Being
Mindfulness Resources
Mindfulness and meditation for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians  *CE credits
4 ways mindfulness and meditation can help you at work, a pharmacist perspective
15 meditation and mindfulness apps
How vacations and meditation heal the body and mind
Free guided meditations, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Mindfulness in medicine, UMass Medical School, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society
Time Management Apps & Tools
15 Time management apps and tools
Monitoring screen time
Turn off your push notifications, all of them
Work/life integration
4 disciplines of work-life balance
Mental Hygiene
A compelling case to practice emotional hygiene, a TED talk
Emotional intelligence, techniques to help master your emotions
83 benefits of journaling for depression, anxiety, and stress management
Why you should keep a journal at work
The mood elevator
The secrets to a truly restorative vacation
Sleep Hygiene
Simple tips to improve your sleep
The science of sleep
Talks to inspire you to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep, a TED talk playlist

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