EcoReturns FAQ

What’s new?
IPA has now partnered with SafeNetRx to administer the Iowa medication disposal program for non-controlled substances. The name was changed to reflect the new partnership and because “TakeAway” was proprietary to the previous vendor.
SafeNetRx will have an automated process to deliver new EcoReturns units when they are full, so no more calling IPA each time you need a new one. In addition, SafeNetRx is an Iowa-based company, with an important mission to support, and will keep all aspects of the program in-state.
What’s the same?
Most of the program remains the same. EcoReturns replaces TakeAway as the state’s medication disposal program for non-controlled substances and is still fully funded by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. It is still free to participate.
Is it still free to participate?
Yes. Like, TakeAway, EcoReturns is fully funded by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. There is no charge to participate or obtain disposal units.
What do I tell my patients?
Though nothing changes from a patient perspective, a new logo and unit design are bound to garner questions. Use the opportunity to explain the importance of safe and proper medication disposal. Also, the partnership with SafeNetRx and their mission is an important part of the EcoReturns story to share.
What do I do with the EcoReturns units once they are full?
Each time you fill an EcoReturns unit, you will send it back to the return label given to you when you receive the unit initially. Once received by SafeNetRx, they will automatically send you a new unit without any additional work on your end! If you are interested in receiving additional units, contact SafeNetRx at
What do I do with my TakeAway unit(s)?
Continue to use any TakeAway units you currently have. Do not send them back until they are completely full, just as you have done in the past. Once you begin to use your last remaining TakeAway unit, contact IPA and they will send you your first set of EcoReturns units. Once you begin filling and mailing back EcoReturns units, the reorder process becomes automatic.
How do I get EcoReturns units?
Once you have your last TakeAway unit on the floor, contact IPA to order your first EcoReturns units. Once you begin using your EcoReturns units, the reorder process becomes automatic. As SafeNetRx receives the full unit, it will automatically send you a new unit. You do not need to contact IPA or SafeNetRx to order a new unit each time.
What can and cannot be collected?
EcoReturns collects non-controlled substances, including liquids. It does NOT collect controlled substances or needles. Click here for a more detailed list.
What is SafeNetRx?

SafeNetRx was established in 2001 as the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation, the organization was created to provide affordable medication access to Iowans in need of assistance. Our initial programs focused on providing affordable medications to Medicare eligible Iowans. Since then our mission has expanded to serve our state’s safety-net patients and providers. Today we focus on creating innovative solutions that provide low-cost pharmaceutical access to our most vulnerable populations while generating significant cost savings across health systems. More information can be found at