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The IPA Foundation celebrated its 30th Leadership Pharmacy Conference in 2018, a tribute to the Foundation’s commitment to developing pharmacy leaders. Those who have participated in this conference since 1989 have given back to the pharmacy profession by driving practice transformation, becoming community leaders, and mentoring pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and student pharmacists.
In a campaign that began on #GivingTuesday, the Foundation looked to celebrate those who have given back to their profession through their leadership.
With their $30 donation, members shared stories of a mentor or leader and how they have impacted them personally or professionally. These stories of impactful leadership are posted here and will be printed in 2019 first quarter issue of IPA’s Journal.
In addition to recognizing those leaders who have given back, the donations will support the Foundation’s efforts to develop pharmacy leaders, support student pharmacists, and drive pharmacy practice transformation. All donations to the IPA Foundation are 100% tax deductible. 

Leaders Who Gave Back

CoraLynn Trewet 
"Dr. Trewet has been a mentor since I was a student. She taught me to listen to your gut and follow your heart, especially when faced by adversity. I'm grateful to have her in my life. This type of leadership is what makes Iowa special."
Samm Anderegg
Mark Nessen
"I am a pharmacist today because Mark showed me what it REALLY means to be a COMMUNITY pharmacist.  He had such great passion for his community and was a very integral member of not only the healthcare team but the entire community and he always put the patients first."
Cheri Schmit
Bob Stessman
"Bob Stessman at Manning Pharmacy has served as a leader/mentor for me in so many aspects.  Bob continually works to advance the profession of pharmacy and teaches the value of collaboration among healthcare professionals and pharmacists. One of his greatest assets is his ability to see the "big picture" and help me to see what the future looks like in various pharmacy projects."
Jen Morris
Jennifer Moulton
"Jennifer Moulton is a mentor to me personally and professionally. Her impact has reached beyond my work as a pharmacist and educator to a wife and mother. She has taught me to think outside the box to go after things others said could not be done. She always treated me like a peer and made me feel like I was the most important person in the room. Lots of advice over blood, sweat and tears...but the best may be "low expectations" which is important for all of us Type A perfectionist pharmacists."
CoraLynn Trewet
Tom Temple Mike Pursel
Raylene Rospond
"Raylene was an inspiration to me as a leader. She helped me to develop my leadership skills by thoughtfully guiding and coaching me through challenging situations, and encouraged me to examine all angles of a situation before I made a decision. She is a professional of high integrity, work ethic, and compassion."
June Johnson
Tom Temple and the IPA Membership
"Tom saw something in me that made him believe I had something to contribute to the pharmacy profession. His mentorship continues and remains invaluable to me. The IPA membership inspires me as each and every person cares so deeply for our profession and works tirelessly to advance our roles so we can impact the health of our patients. I feel mentored collectively from the IPA membership to do what is right for our patients and our profession. Thank you!"
Jennifer Moulton
Lon Larson
"Lon had a huge impact on me through mentoring me and setting an example for involvement. He generously gave his time and talents to students, Drake, and the pharmacy profession."
Chuck Phillips
CoraLynn Trewet
"CoraLynn has always been a positive pharmacy role model to many, but after her rotation and keeping in touch throughout the years here and there, she is also a great person and mother. She inspired my love for ambulatory care as well as academia!"
Christina Baumgart
"30 for 30 (for leadership and passion, in no particular order) Jim, Tom, Tom, Jerry, Ed, Bill, Jennifer, Shirley, Kate, Bill, Bob, Jay, Jenelle, Randy, Mike, Tim, Connie, Anthony, John, Renae, Cheryl, Tony, Bernie, Steve, Michele, Curt, Connie, Patty, Joan, and Geoff" Gary Maly
Ed Maier & Julie Kuhle
"I have had the benefit of many mentors who have impacted my professional and personal life. I would like to single out Ed Maier and Julie Kuhle. They both encouraged me to apply for the Leadership Pharmacy Program and have always lead the way in being respectful and professional in challenging situations. I am thankful that they share their ability to be inclusive."
Connie Connolly
Bob Greenwood
"Bob Greenwood has taught me more about the profession of Pharmacy than he will ever know. I always tell people that when I look back on my career in Pharmacy I will look most fondly on the times I got to work along side Bob in the pharmacy. I am so grateful to have shared these experiences with someone so important to our profession."
Wes Pilkington