Katy's Kids

Poison prevention and drug abuse education have become commonplace in classrooms throughout the country. Ironically, however, little effort has been made to teach children about medicine in general. Education regarding responsible medication use is fundamental to children understanding both the potential benefits and harm medicines can cause.

Katy’s Kids was developed in 1988 as an educational program designed to teach young children about appropriate and responsible medication use. The most important part of this program is the volunteer pharmacist. It is their efforts, combined with the easy-to-present program materials, which will stress the importance of using prescription medications properly. If children can grasp that important concept at an early age, perhaps they will have an increased appreciation and compliance with their medications and be less likely to become involved with harmful drugs later in life.

The program focuses on these principles:
  • Medicine can be dangerous if not taken correctly
  • Pharmacists are medication experts and are available to answer any medication questions
  • Medicine is not candy
  • Never take medicine meant for someone else
  • Medicine should be taken only when you are sick or to keep you well
  • Only your parents or adults you know should give you medicine

Many pharmacists and student pharmacists have volunteered to present the Katy’s Kids program in their community.

All presenter materials and program information can be found at www.katyskids.com.