2020 Poster Session

View digital posters and hear excerpts from lead researchers for the 2020 IPA Foundation Poster Presentation session. The Poster Presentation Award recognizes one original project each year that advances pharmacy practice in Iowa. Posters are judged on originality and innovation, reproducibility, impact on the profession, presentation and methodology.

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Lead Researcher/s Authors Poster Insight from
Lead Researcher
Tessa Buehrer, PharmD Candidate

Rachel Wedemeyer,
PharmD Candidate,
Tessa Buehrer,
 PharmD Candidate
Jamie M. Pitlick, PharmD, BCPS, BC-ADM

Analysis of Diabetes Busters Program Impact on 4th Grade Students Diabetes Knowledge CLICK HERE
MacKenzie Challoner, PharmD/MBA Candidate 2022

Noah Cresco, PharmD/MBA Candidate 2022

MacKenzie Challoner, PharmD/MBA Candidate 2022, Noah Cresco, PharmD/MBA Candidate 2022

Lynn Kassel, PharmD, BCPS

Matt Hubble, PharmD, BCPS

Assessment of the Safety of Tapentadol Usage following Orthopedic Surgery


James Hoehns, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP

James Hoehns, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, Matthew Witry, PharmD, PhD, Mary Oelmann, PharmD, Ryan Froerichs, PharmD, Joe Greenwood, PharmD, Robert Nichols, PharmD, Brianna Hostert, PharmD, Jenna Beninga, PharmD, Wesley Pilkington, PharmD, Emily O’Brien, PharmD, BCACP, Adam Froyum-Roise, MD, MPH

Community Pharmacist Use of Mobile ECG to Inform Drug Therapy Decision Making for Patients Receiving QTC Prolonging Medications

Rebecca Matzek, PharmD Rebecca Matzek, PharmD
Justin Bagby, PharmD, BCPS
Dana McDougall, PharmD, BCPS
Pharmacist Impact on Compliance with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Guidelines in the Emergency Department CLICK HERE
Abbey Schwery, Student Pharmacist Lyvia Bulman, Kassi Pham, Abbey Schwery, Karlie Seiler

Deanna McDanel, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP;
Vanessa Au, MS;
Amy M. Dowden, MD, MME
Re-labeling of Penicillin Drug Allergy After Evaluation in a Drug Allergy Clinic CLICK HERE
Cheryl Clarke, EdD, RPh, FAPhA

Cheryl Clarke, EdD, RPh, FAPhA

Robyn Cooper, PhD

Residency Application Information Regarding Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences Considered Desirable or Necessary by Program Directors

Natalie Ake, Rita Hammer, Olivia Welter,
PharmD Candidates 2021

Natalie Ake, Rita Hammer, Olivia Welter
PharmD Candidates 2021

The Prevalence of False and Misleading Information in Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertisements: A Systematic Review

Claire Kosek,
PharmD Candidate 2021
Guadalupe Chavez, Alaina Feltes, Lauren Goeser, Claire Kosek
Preceptor: Brett Faine, PharmD, MS
Treatment of Pulmonary Embolisms in the Emergency Department: Enoxaparin vs Unfractionated Heparin CLICK HERE