Residents Meeting

September 24, 2019

Hilton Garden Inn - 328 S Clinton St, Iowa City

Each year, IPA brings together Iowa’s resident pharmacists and residency program directors, preceptors, and directors of pharmacy for a one-day event to introduce the residents to the pharmacy leadership in Iowa. 
Residents have the opportunity to network with each other and IPA leadership, discussing their projects and the issues in healthcare today and the initiatives that IPA is spearheading. A majority of time with IPA leadership and staff during the day’s event is devoted to understanding the role of the association in helping to advance pharmacy practice in Iowa.

Residency program directors have the opportunity to discuss the state of residency training and their programs in the state with IPA leadership and how we can continue to expand residency offerings. It's also a great opportunity for preceptor development.

See last year’s agenda for an idea of the programming.
Over the past few years, IPA has collaborated with key residency programs have one of the ASHP Foundation’s Visiting Leader be a part of the Annual Resident’s Meeting. Past Visiting Leaders have included Jan Carmichael and Henri Manasse.