TPV Toolkit

 TPV Toolkit
Technician Product Verification (TPV) is a model which uses both pharmacists and experienced technicians at the top of their skill set, to improve efficiencies and patient care in pharmacy practice.

To assist your pharmacy practice in implementing TPV, IPA developed a toolkit based on our 15+ years of experience working with pharmacies, technicians, and pharmacists to successfully implement TPV. IPA’s TPV Toolkit is in accordance with Iowa regulations for any pharmacy or hospital practice.

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IPA’s TPV Toolkit includes:
1) Readiness assessment
An 18-question assessment to determine if your pharmacy or health-system is ready to consider TPV to optimize patient care delivery by your pharmacists. Key areas, including: defined need, practice site readiness, personnel, patient care activities, and sustainment for change, are considered in guiding a pharmacy’s readiness to pursue TPV.
2) Implementation timeline and checklist
This checklist highlights key action steps and multiple tactics to guide your pharmacy or health-system to success during the 8-12 months before implementation of TPV and into the months following.
3) Sample Policy & Procedures
Building off the successful research and pilot projects in Iowa pharmacies, a template of policy and procedures has been developed to ensure your pharmacy setting maintains safety to the public and optimizes pharmacist’s time to deliver care.
4) Sample notification to Iowa BOP
Based on state-specific regulations, pharmacies may have to notify their Board of Pharmacy of their intent to implement TPV. This sample notification is required for all Iowa pharmacies that plan to implement TPV in their practice.
5) Sample data collection documentation for BOP Inspection
Using this format, pharmacies can use a simple process to collect necessary information to showcase to a Board of Pharmacy compliance officer upon inspection of your TPV program.
6) Discount to TPV Certificate Course for Pharmacy Technicians
In collaboration with CEImpact, IPA has developed training modules to fulfill the necessary requirements through the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, including: the TPV Certificate Course for Pharmacy Technicians, and A Pharmacist’s Guide to Implementing TPV. These training modules are purchased separately through A discount code valued at $100 is provided to all IPA TPV Toolkit purchasers for use with the Certificate Course for Pharmacy Technicians.

IPA’s TPV Toolkit will help expand the number of pharmacy sites successfully deploying certified pharmacy technicians in advanced drug distribution roles to allow pharmacists a broader opportunity to provide direct patient care services.

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