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Technician Study Group

In 2019, IPA started the CPhT Study Group program, which is now offered twice per year to members and non-members. The goal is to complement various study materials currently available to help pharmacy technicians learn together as they plan to sit for either the PTCE or ExCPT national certification examinations. This 10-week course covers various topics. See the course template below.
The study group will meet virtually once per week at 8:00 pm. Participants are encouraged to review subject matter content before the virtual meeting in preparation for 60 minutes of active discussion, with the potential of reaching 90 minutes based on question and answer session. 
The webinar-based learning modules will be led by various content experts from across the state and is a great way to stay accountable to your studying while ensuring your understanding of all knowledge areas of the exams. Conquer challenging subject areas such as pharmaceutical math and pharmacy law with your peers and build your professional network! 

2021 Schedule:

Spring Session:  February 3rd - April 7th
Fall Session:  September 29th - December 8th

Register today! A minimum of 12 participants are needed for the study group. Registration ends one week prior to the first virtual meeting.
Week Knowledge Area
Weeks 1 - 4 Medications
  • Classifications
  • Drug interactions and contraindications
  • Review of Top 100
Week 5 - 6 Federal Requirements
  • Controlled substances and DEA schedules
  • REMS and other restricted drug programs
Week 7 -9 Patient Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Error prevention strategies
  • When to bring in the pharmacist
  • Event reporting
Week 10 Order Entry & Processing
  • Common procedures for common medications and compounds
  • Pharmacy calculations review
Tentative Schedule & Content Review
We encourage Study Group participants to purchase at-home study materials. Here is a short list reviewed and recommended for use by the IPA Pharmacy Technician Advisory Committee.
1.  Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician, 3rd Edition; APhA Pharmacy Technician Training Series
2.  Pharmacy Technician Certification Quick-Study Guide, 5th Edition; APhA Pharmacy Technician Training Series 
3.  Manual for Pharmacy Technician, 5e, ASHP
4.  Legal Handbook for Pharmacy Technicians, ASHP
5.  American Society of Health-System Pharmacists: Manual for Pharmacy Technicians, 5th Edition
If you have other study materials that could be useful to this group, please send these recommendations to

If you have any additional questions, email Kellie Staiert at