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About Us

The Iowa Pharmacy Association is the state society representing the profession of pharmacy in Iowa, united for the purpose of promoting safe and effective medication use to improve the health of patients. Established in 1880 and strengthened in 1999 through unification with the Iowa Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the Iowa Pharmacy Association preserves and advances the interests of the profession and serves the professional needs of all pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.

Our Mission

The Iowa Pharmacy Association empowers the pharmacy profession to improve the health of our communities. 

Our Vision

The Iowa Pharmacy Association is the respected voice for all pharmacy professionals in Iowa and the leader in transforming the practice of pharmacy. 

Our Values

Collaboration: Proactively partnering with IPA members and all key stakeholders. 
Engagement: Nurturing a culture where members actively receive, participate, and give back.
Excellence: Representing and serving our membership with utmost professionalism.
Inclusion: Welcoming all members, promoting diversity, and learning from all perspectives.
Innovation: Advancing strategic goals in Iowa with inspired, creative solutions.
Integrity: Fostering trust by exemplifying mutual respect and truthfulness in serving our members. 
Leadership: Training the future generation of leaders to inspire and influence others.