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Leadership Opportunities

As a member-based organization, IPA looks to the insight and experience of its members to lead the association to better serve our membership. If you are interested in serving in either of these leadership capacities and truly impact our profession, contact IPA at or 515-270-0713, or complete our volunteer survey to tell us all of your volunteering interests.

House of Delegates

Serving as a delegate in the IPA House of Delegates is your opportunity to have a voice and be part of the policy adoption process for the profession. The House meets each June during the IPA Annual Meeting to debate and adopt policy based on recommendations from IPA’s Policy Committees and business brought forward by members. Opportunities for members in the IPA House of Delegates are as follows:
Pharmacists - 22 pharmacists from each of IPA’s 4 regions (88 total) are elected by members in their region during odd-numbered years to serve 2-year terms as a delegate.
Pharmacy Technicians - IPA appoints 8 technicians to serve 1-year terms as voting delegates.
Student Pharmacists - IPA appoints 6 student pharmacists each from both of the state’s colleges of pharmacy to serve 1-year terms as voting delegates.
For more information on the IPA House of Delegates and how to become a delegate, click here.

Board of Trustees

The IPA Board of Trustees is the governing body responsible for advancing the goals and objectives of the association. The Board ensures clear communication between IPA and its members and maintains a strong awareness of our members’ needs, desires and attitudes. With that understanding, the Board shapes the association’s personality, defines its goals, sets it budget, and charts its future.
Trustees are elected to serve a 2-year term. The Board meets for a retreat each July and then meets in November, February, and April in Des Moines or virtually, and again at the IPA Annual Meeting in June. See the IPA Bylaws for more information about the IPA Board of Trustees.
Timeline for Election of Board Members:
  • April - The Nominations Committee slates candidates for election to the Board of Trustees in the following year.
  • June - The Nominations Committee Report is ratified by the IPA House of Delegates at the Annual Meeting.
  • March - The election for officers and trustees is held.
  • June - The elected board members begin their term of office.
Officers - Elected officer positions include President-Elect, Treasurer, and Vice-Speaker of the House. For further information about these positions, please see the IPA Bylaws.