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Iowa pharmacy's commitment to legislative involvement is critical to the future of our profession. The personal and professional relationships that pharmacists, technicians and students develop with their legislators provide an important foundation for pharmacy’s advocacy efforts.
Legislators’ expertise in regard to political issues relies on two things – 1) listening to their constituents, neighbors, friends and health care providers; and 2) their experiences with their pharmacist and the health care system. Through these two mechanisms, it is important for pharmacists to make sure that key legislators understand the important role that today’s pharmacists play in enhancing the health care of Iowans.

Pharmacists working with their legislators and helping to keep them aware of our key issues is an important cornerstone. As we work to educate our representatives and senators, we can build their understanding of our concerns regarding patient care and the role of the pharmacist.

A Strategic Priority

As the unified voice for the pharmacy profession in Iowa, advocacy is a cornerstone of IPA’s strategic plan. IPA leverages its respected reputation, cultivates critical relationships and activates an engaged grassroots network to advance practice, protect the profession and ultimately achieve positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

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