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Host a Legislator

Grassroots relationships between IPA members and their legislators are vital to ensuring successful advocacy efforts. Establishing this relationship can seem intimidating, but IPA’s advocacy team can aid in making this process much easier. Below are resources to help you begin this process. Please reach out to IPA’s Director of Public Affairs who can work with you personally to maximize your efforts.

Find Your Legislator

Find your legislator and their contact information here.

Contact Your Legislator

Use this template as a starting point to craft an email to contact your legislator.

Schedule a Visit

Hosting a legislator for a visit at your pharmacy is one of the most effective methods for establishing a relationship. A tour provides the opportunity to show how laws directly affect your pharmacy practice. Hosting a tour is also an excellent way to establish yourself as a resource in your legislator's district.
  1. Prior to scheduling a tour, contact IPA’s Director of Public Affairs, Seth Brown (515-270-0713 or, to assist you in the planning process.
  2. Contact your legislator to ask if they would be interested in a tour and to find a date/time that works.
  3. Once the tour is scheduled, Seth can help you prepare for the meeting with talking points, issue briefs, and informational packets to use on the tour.

Follow Up

After the tour, send a "thank you" note and follow-up on any questions that arose during the tour. Offer to serve as a resource on any pharmacy issues in the future.

Additional Resources

Key Tips for Meeting/Speaking with Legislators