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STEP, CYCLE, SWING for Student Scholarships

STEP, CYCLE, SWING for Student Scholarships will take place September 1-30, 2022.

Step Up for Students, an additional one-day step count competition, will occur on Saturday, September 24th.

How Does It Work?

JUNE Registration Opens
Sign up to participate with a $50 donation to the IPA Foundation. Students can sign up with a $15 donation! Register before August 1st to guarantee you receive your desired t-shirt size.
LATE AUGUST T-Shirts Mailed
Receive a newly-designed (and SUPER soft) t-shirt for this year’s fundraiser.
Wearing your t-shirt, get active and post a picture on social media with the hashtags #IPAforStudentScholarships and #StepCycleSwing. Each post during the month of September is an entry in a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card!
SEPTEMBER 24 – Step Up for Students
Participate in an additional one-day fundraising event! ​Pharmacists are paired with a student pharmacist and pledge to donate $0.01 for each step taken by their sponsored student pharmacist during the 24-hour period. Prizes will be awarded to the team with the highest step total! 
OCTOBER 3 – Impact & Winners Announced
Total money raised for student scholarships and winners of both contests will be announced on social media.

Step Up for Students (Saturday, September 24th)

For those who wish to make an even bigger impact, IPA will host a one-day Step Up for Students contest on September 24, 2022. Pharmacists and student pharmacists can sign up to participate when making their donation for STEP, CYCLE, SWING.

Pharmacists are paired with a student pharmacist and pledge to sponsor $0.01 for each step taken by their sponsored student pharmacist over a 24-hour period from 6:00 AM Saturday, Sept. 24 to 6:00 AM Sunday, Sept. 25 (up to 20,000 total steps). Step counts must be submitted via Google Forms by midnight on the 25th.

Average Steps for 60 minutes of Physical Activity

Donation at $0.01 Per Step

Walking, 3mph 6,000 steps $60.00
Running, 10-minute mile 13,320 steps $133.20
Bicycling, 13 mph 10,680 steps $106.80
Golfing, riding in cart 4,680 steps $46.80
Kayaking 9,120 steps $91.20
Swimming, moderate 12,720 steps $127.20
Yoga 6,660 steps $66.60
Averages calculated by

Thank You Sponsors

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