Bill Burke Student Pharmacist Leadership Conference

Bill Burke Student Leadership Conference

April 9-10, 2021
Michael J Manatt-Community Center
105 Jackson St, Brooklyn, IA 52211

Please check back soon for more information on how to apply for the September 2022 conference!

The Bill Burke Student Pharmacist Leadership Conference is an annual program involving up to 30 students from the Drake University College of Pharmacy and the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy.
The conference aims to:  
  • instill quality organizational leadership skills
  • to increase awareness of issues impacting the profession of pharmacy
  • to encourage development of leadership skills and involvement in professional and community activities
  • to recognize pharmacy students who have displayed leadership potential
  • to improve communication and teamwork skills
The Bill Burke Student Leadership Conference is held in Coralville and Des Moines on a rotating basis. Students are encouraged, but not required, to stay in the hotel provided throughout the conference. Online applications are accepted for current P1 through P4 student pharmacists from Drake University and the University of Iowa. Room accommodations and meals during the conference are provided free of charge for participants.
Bill Burke “I can count pills, pour liquids, and compound medications but this is just a small part of a being a pharmacist. Being a consultant to my patients – that’s where I’ve used my education and where I have been of greatest service.”
- Bill Burke, RPh
What Past Participants Have Said About the Conference:
"I had a great time at the conference. I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone which is one reason I wanted to attend. I networked and got to know fellow colleagues who I know I will stay in touch with in the future."
"The conference was very beneficial to me, and I could tell because afterwards, I wouldn't stop talking about it to anyone that would listen! It really got the wheels turning and marked the start of my increased awareness and improvement of myself and my future career."