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What, Why & How Podcast

The What, Why & How podcast, hosted by IPA’s Director of Public Affairs, Seth Brown, unravels the intricacies of pharmacy and healthcare law and regulation, from Congress to the Board of Pharmacy. Each month, IPA welcomes a special guest to explore WHAT changes occurred, WHY action was taken, and HOW these changes will impact pharmacy practice.

Trailblazers Podcast

The Trailblazers Podcast, hosted by IPA CEO Kate Gainer and current IPA President John Hamiel, dives into the personal stories of pharmacy leaders and innovators who are redefining the healthcare landscape. Each month, we’ll sit down to hear what ignited these leaders’ passion for pharmacy, as well as discuss challenges, triumphs and lessons learned along the way. Get ready to embark on an inspiring, thought-provoking, and trailblazing adventure!
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Emerging Leaders Podcast

IPA and PSW are delighted to present the Emerging Leaders Podcast, designed for leaders at all ages and levels. This series invites pharmacy leaders to speak on a variety of relevant leadership topics including imposter syndrome, disruptive innovation, health disparities, DEI work and much more.

Pharmacy Podcast Network

The Pharmacy Podcast Network hosts over 25 different podcast shows and series dedicated to the profession and business of pharmacy to a listening audience of over 70,000. Be sure to subscribe to the Pharmacy Podcast Network to listen to all of the great pharmacy-focused content available!
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Additional Podcast Appearances

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged In Community Pharmacy – IPA Member Randy McDonough (6/13/23)
Description: Over the last century, delivery models and business practices in community pharmacy drastically changed. In recent years, we’ve seen this trend accelerate significantly. Dr. Randy McDonough, CEO and Co-Owner of Towncrest Pharmacy, discusses the challenges, positive opportunities within community pharmacy, and how to take back the profession with host Gretchen Brummel.
Fail Forward: MelisRx Scripts  Kate Gainer (5/9/23)
Description: In Episode 49, Melissa talks with Kate Gainer, Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) and Mom of 4 under the age of 11. They discuss practical tips on work-life integration along with how to prevent burnout. Kate shares her personal experience of not matching in residency and that failure is an important component of both a successful career and a happy life. Finally, she describes lessons learned from mentor and dear friend, Tom Temple, who previously served as IPA EVP and CEO from 1977-2012.

Addressing Pharmacist Burnout and Well-being – Kate Gainer (10/5/21)
Description: PQS Senior Manager of Pharmacy Accounts, Nick Dorich, PharmD, talks with Kate Gainer, PharmD, Iowa Pharmacy Association Executive Vice President and CEO, about pharmacy burnout and pharmacist well-being. This episode coincides with American Pharmacists Month in October and relates to the upcoming World Mental Health Day slated for October 10, 2021.
COVID-19 Vaccine: Making the Decision that is Right for You  Anthony Pudlo (4/1/21)
Description: Ann Garton, Director of the Institute for Person-Centered Care at St. Ambrose University, is joined by the Iowa Pharmacy Association’s Vice President of Professional Affairs, Anthony Pudlo, for a discussion about COVID vaccines. He hits on several topics, including how the vaccines were able to get to market so quickly, their differences, the meaning of “effective rate,” common reactions, and so much more.

Pharmacy Advocacy Matters  Kate Gainer (2020)
Description: Ever wonder how advocacy agendas help advance pharmacy practice? Now more than ever it is critical that Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians advocate to take back our profession! Listen in as Kate Gainer, PharmD shares practical ways you can join in and advocate on behalf of pharmacy. This podcast will ensure you are prepared to engage in professional advocacy and make a difference.

Associations for the New Decade  Kate Gainer (12/17/19)

Description: We've arrived at Episode #10! We're chatting today at the state pharmacy association arena with Kate Gainer, PharmD today of the Iowa Pharmacy Association. State pharmacy associations are doing some innovative updates to attract and retain the next generations of pharmacists.

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