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IPA House of Delegates

IPA House of Delegates
IPA’s House of Delegates serves as the policy-making body of the Association that meets each June to debate and adopt policy during the IPA Annual Meeting. The House acts on all policy recommendations brought to it by standing committees and individual delegates, and reviews all proposals for amendments of the IPA Bylaws.

See IPA's current policy statements.

House of Delegates Structure

The House is composed of the following delegates: regional delegates, Board of Trustees members, Drake and Iowa college of pharmacy deans, local association representatives, students, past presidents, and pharmacy technicians. Delegates are elected for a one (1) year term. The Speaker of the House of Delegates will appoint ‘delegates-at-large’ to serve in the House to replace elected delegates who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting. See the IPA Bylaws for more detailed information.

The Speaker of the House shall preside at all meetings of the House of Delegates; appoint a parliamentarian at meetings of the House of Delegates; appoint Committees of the House of Delegates as deemed necessary; and present a report to the delegates at each meeting of the House of Delegates. The Speaker is elected as Vice-Speaker and then proceeds to the Speaker position the following year.

The Vice-Speaker of the House shall preside and perform the responsibilities in the absence of the Speaker. The Vice-Speaker is elected at the House of Delegates and is installed prior to the adjournment of that meeting.

House of Delegates Meetings

The House of Delegates meets each June at the IPA Annual Meeting. The House consists of three sessions. Delegates hear proposed policies and have information dialogue during Session I, the delegates formally vote on policies presented during Session II and Session III.

Report of the Policy Committees on Public and Professional Affairs

Comments about the proposed policy will be provided to the members of the Policy Committees for their deliberation. Submit comments to Emmeline Paintsil at

New Business

Any matter to be presented as new business shall be presented to the Secretary of the House in writing not less than twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled convening of the session in which new business is on the agenda. Submit new business items to Kate Gainer at

Becoming a Delegate

Delegates are elected or appointed as follows:

Pharmacists - 22 pharmacists from each region (88 total) are elected every year to serve a one (1) year term as a delegate. Members from each region vote for their region only. Pharmacists elected as a delegate are responsible for selecting an alternate delegate if they are unable to fulfill their delegate responsibilities.

During election years, IPA will notate *pharmacists* on the delegate ballots that are interested in serving. IPA works to fill in unattended delegate seats with alternate delegates from the same region.

Pharmacy Technicians - IPA appoints eight (8) technicians to serve as voting delegates. Technicians are appointed for one-year terms.

Student Pharmacists - IPA appoints six (6) students from each college of pharmacy in the state to serve one-year terms as voting delegates.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate, contact IPA at or 515-270-0713.