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Get LOUD to Push the PBM Bill Through the Senate!

PBM opposition is loud at the Capitol – IPA members need to get LOUDER! We need your help to get the PBM bill to the Governor's desk – Contact your Senator TODAY!

IPA's PBM reform bill is at a critical stage, and WE NEED YOUR VOICE to get the bill through the Senate and on to the Governor's deskDoes one voice matter? YES. Every email is critical in amplifying IPA's advocacy efforts and getting the bill to the finish line.

Last week, the PBM bill passed unanimously out of the House and is currently waiting to be voted on by the Senate. Iowa Senators need to hear from YOU (AGAIN) – the pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists in their district.


  1. Please email or call your state senator.
  2. Share personal experiences with negative PBM practices that have impacted your pharmacy practice and patients.
  3. Ask for their vote to support PBM legislation (SF 2231) in Iowa!

Click here to identify your senator. If you work or practice pharmacy in a different district than your home address, please contact the senators in BOTH your home and work districts.

PBM Bill Details:

This bill (SF 2231/HF 2384) aims to protect patients and pharmacies from a variety of issues perpetuated by PBMs. Important details include:

  • Regulating PBMs does NOT result in increased costs
  • Protects patient choice by prohibiting steering and ensuring any willing pharmacy provider has the opportunity to accept the terms and conditions of PBM contracts
  • Addresses reimbursement issues – MAC rates, audit procedures, appeal processes, and clawbacks
  • Establishes PBM fiduciary responsibility
  • Addresses lack of transparency
  • Includes patient protections
  • Helps rural pharmacies continue to serve their communities

Additional Resources:

Use these documents to supplement your emails to legislators.


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