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2023 Legislative Update – Week 4

It was another active week under the gold dome, as several bills introduced directly expand services Iowa pharmacists may provide.

It was another active week under the gold dome, as several bills introduced directly expand services Iowa pharmacists may provide. 

A Senate Study Bill passed out of subcommittee, which allows a pharmacist to dispense an epinephrine auto-injector without a prescription to a person who is 18 years of age. Two of Governor Reynold's legislative priorities that include pharmacy provisions also passed subcommittees. The Governor's maternal health package allows a pharmacist to dispense an initial supply of self-administered hormonal contraceptives to patients over 18 and an annual supply later. The bill requires insurance to cover hormonal contraceptives. IPA proposed an amendment to require insurance to cover a corresponding professional service fee as well.  

In addition, the Governor's fentanyl proposal allows a pharmacist to dispense opioid antagonists to a secondary distributor, including law enforcement, EMS, health care providers, schools, county health departments, and the Department of Health and Human Services. The bill also permits a pharmacist to administer opioid antagonists, instead of only naloxone. 

The House HHS Committee passed a bill capping certain monetary damages against health care providers for substantial or permanent loss of bodily function, substantial disfigurement, or death at $1 million. Supporters of the bill say this cap is needed to protect Iowa health care providers from excessive damage awards and attract practitioners to the state. 

On Thursday, IPA provided oral and written comments on the Iowa Insurance Division's second set of rules implementing last year's PBM bill. These rules clarify rebate information that PBMs must report for public release under IID's Annual Report. The first set of rules released by IID allow the public to submit complaints of PBM violations. We encourage members to submit complaints using this form to enable IID examination and enforcement. 

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