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Med Card Information

The Iowa Pharmacy Association encourages patients and caregivers to use MyMedSchedule to manage meds and labs on the go, set reminders, and make it easier to communicate with their healthcare providers. MyMedSchedule includes My Health Tracker and lets you record all your lab results and vital signs. is a website where patients can create pocket-sized printable MedCards as well as medication handouts complete with dosing information, directions, and even pictures of the pills—all free of charge. The MedCards and handouts include the name, strength, and picture of each drug as well as specific dosing instructions for each medication. They may be printed in large, easy-to-read font as well as in Spanish.

To create a personalized MedCard or medication handout, go to and click ‘Register Now’ to create a free MedCard or medication handout that can be printed upon completion.