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Networking is a focused way of developing and building a group of professional contacts who can serve as friends and resources during your career.

Benefits of Networking

  • Your contacts can help you develop professionally and open doors to career opportunities.
  • Networking can include advice, recommendations, or actually being hired. Each person you have contact with may bring you one step closer to the job you desire or to your career goals.
  • In the small world of pharmacy, networking is extremely important because most pharmacy positions are filled by word of mouth.

Resources to Help you Network

APhA Mentoring Program - This link provides an opportunity for students to connect with pharmacists practicing pharmaceutical care in unique and innovative ways. Students are paired with practitioners practicing in particular areas of pharmacy according to their interest.

ASHP Virtual Mentoring Exchange - This mentoring program helps students develop professionally by uniting them with experienced practitioners from a variety of practice areas.

ASHP Issue Discussion Groups - These online groups allow students to talk to pharmacists and other pharmacy students about issues that are timely and of common interest.