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Platinum Business Partner Membership FAQ

What is the price of the IPA Platinum Business Partner Membership?

1 – 5 pharmacies            $1,000/licensed pharmacy
6 – 10 pharmacies          $  800/licensed pharmacy
11 – 24 pharmacies        $  600/licensed pharmacy
25 – 49 pharmacies        $  500/licensed pharmacy

Contact IPA for pricing if interested in 50 or more licensed pharmacies; or are interested in including pharmacists and technicians for an all-in-one membership package.

Who should become a Platinum Business Partner (PBP) IPA Member?

Pharmacies that are currently participating in advanced pharmacy practice initiatives, such as New Practice Model, value-based networks, technician product verification (tech-check-tech), collaborative practice agreements, billing for pharmacist services, State Innovation Model, and Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, would highly benefit from PBP membership. Pharmacies that are considering involvement in such initiatives or are looking to improve their current level of patient care services would also benefit from the resources provided by this membership.

What is the value of this new member category?

In addition to the benefits received by all Business Partner members, PBP members will receive exclusive access to a new PBP-Members-Only page on the IPA website which includes resources, webinars, and toolkits to advance your pharmacy practice. Furthermore, IPA staff will proactively communicate with PBP on a regular basis to provide timely information regarding new trends and emerging practice models in pharmacy. Increased access to IPA staff, consultative services, and assistance with implementing initiatives that lead to revenue opportunities adds immeasurable value to this membership category.

Does the PBP Membership include pharmacists and technicians?

No. IPA’s Business Partner memberships, including the Platinum Business Partner, is for the licensed pharmacy only and not individual practitioners at each site. Individual membership categories include new practitioner/resident; pharmacist; and pharmacy technician.

If my practice site has multiple licensed pharmacies, can we choose for only certain sites to become PBP members?

Yes. The price of your PBP membership will be based on the number of licensed pharmacies that are electing this category of membership specifically. Your practice can choose to enroll only the sites that are currently engaged in practice advancement if desired. However, access to the resources outlined will be limited to those sites participating in PBP membership.