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RX Ashlee

Differentiate Yourself with RX Ashlee!

IPA has partnered with RX Ashlee, a career pivot expert and interview prep coach, to offer unique coaching for pharmacy professionals looking to nail a job interview, fine-tune their resume, articulate their own unique brand, and level up their career!

Paid IPA members receive a 20% discount to the RX Ashlee Stand Out and Nail Your Interview course.

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What’s included in the Stand Out and Nail Your Interview online course?
Prepare yourself for deep dives into:
1.    Solidifying your elevator pitch!
2.    Answering the tough (but basic) question of: So, tell me about yourself.
3.    Generating amazing examples of commonly asked, high stakes interview questions.
4.    Gaining the confidence and strategy, you deserve!
5.    Articulating your specific skills.
6.    Learn how to research the company or facility you are interviewing with!
7.    Learning how to ask the right questions and navigating tough discussions (i.e. salary, benefits).

RX Ashlee Preview

RX Ashlee will emphasize several game-changing, career-building skills during your time together, including: 
  1. Nailing your elevator pitch – Knowing who you are, why you are the best fit for this role, and the value you bring to the company is KEY in interviewing!
  2. Crafting amazing answers – We’ll pin down why you want this job and practice the questions you should be having amazing answers to PRIOR to your interview.
  3. Confidence/mindset master – Confidence gets you jobs. This is a proven fact! We will reflect on your work experiences, your day to day duties in prior roles, your life experiences (because this matters too!) to get you feeling REALLY awesome prior to your interview. 

Who is RX Ashlee?

Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD, MHA, is the founder of RX Ashlee, a career development company that focuses on teaching professionals how to stand out in a busy marketplace. 

After graduating from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy in 2013, Ashlee completed a two-year residency focusing in health system management at the University of Kentucky, as well as a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Kentucky.

Ashlee has been in the nontraditional healthcare arena for over 16 years and rose to the level of Director of Clinical Operations, in a pharmacy software company, before moving to her current role in career strategizing and consulting.

Ashlee is also the host of the Rx Buzz Podcast affiliated with the Pharmacy Podcast Network which has been consistently ranked in the top 30 business podcasts on Apple iTunes.