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Disposal Program FAQ

Effective July 1, 2021, community pharmacies in Iowa may begin submitting electronic claims for reimbursement of DisposeRx® (or other branded disposal kits) dispensed to Iowa residents who may be at risk of an accidental opioid or other controlled substance overdose.

Q: Which products are covered under the program?
A: DisposeRx® (NDC 64584-0000-40) and Deterra® (NDC 64583-0000-30 or 64583-0000-31) are two disposal solution products which have covered NDCs under the program. If a pharmacy wishes to have an alternative product covered, they may contact MedOne or the Iowa PMP to obtain a valid NDC or UPC code.
Q: Does a prescription need to be authorized by a prescribing practitioner?
A: No. Covered disposal solution products are over-the-counter (OTC) and do not require authorization by a prescriber. For billing purposes, please utilize the pharmacist's or pharmacy's name in the prescriber field.
Q: If a pharmacist is dispensing as the prescriber, what should I use as an DEA for the prescriber?
A: A DEA number is not required for processing a claim to MedOne. However, if your dispensing software requires a prescriber DEA or NPI to be entered, you may utilize the pharmacy's DEA and/or NPI.
Q: Do pharmacies need to report disposal product dispensations to the Iowa PMP?
A: No. Disposal product dispensations do not need to be reported to the Iowa PMP.
Q: Am I required to notify the patient’s other providers?
A: No, although you may do so if you feel it is clinically relevant to the patient’s care.
Q: Do I need to process the claim through the patient’s primary insurance and obtain a rejection code before submitting to MedOne?
A: No, there is no need to process through the patient’s primary insurance.
Q: How do I submit a claim?
A: Pharmacies may only submit electronic claims to Rx BIN: 019538 / Rx PCN: MD1. The group number is SIA0001. A member ID is not required. Paper claims, or claims submitted by recipients will not be covered. 
Q: How will the pharmacy be paid?
A: The pharmacy will be reimbursed $7.50 for each submitted patient encounter. Pharmacies are reminded that the $7.50 reimbursement covers the nominal cost of the disposal product (typically under $1.20 per packet or kit when purchased in bulk) and patient education regarding proper use.
Q: What fees will be charged to the pharmacy for participating in the program or submitting claims?
A: Pharmacies will not be charged any fees by the Department of Public Health, the Board of Pharmacy, or MedOne for participating in the program. Standard switch transaction fees may apply.
Q: Will claims be assessed a DIR fee?
A: DIR fees will not be assessed by MedOne, the Department of Public Health or the Board of Pharmacy.
Q: Is there a video or other resources that I can view to refresh myself on DisposeRx® counseling points?
A: The manufacturer of DisposeRx® has created a short educational video.


Q: Are these claims subject to audits?
A: Yes, the Board of Pharmacy and MedOne reserve the right to audit claims to ensure proper utilization of the program.
Q: How do I obtain disposal kits?
A: DisposeRx® has agreed to ship pharmacies that previously participated in the Narcan® dispensing program a welcome kit. The welcome kits will be shipped directly from DisposeRx® and include 6 (six) free disposal kits for the pharmacy's initial stock. For replacement product, you may order directly from DisposeRx®, or through Cardinal or McKesson wholesalers. For other products or wholesalers, please check with your account representative, or corporate office.
Q: Am I able to use this program to supply disposal kits to entities such as EMS, Fire, law enforcement or schools?
A: No. This program is specifically designed for pharmacies to dispense disposal solution products to individuals who may have a clinical or personal need for the product.
Q: How can first responders or other stake holders receive disposal products?
A: For entities that want to receive disposal solution products, please have them contact one of the manufacturers directly.

If you have any questions, or are in need of quantity limit overrides, contact the Board of Pharmacy at 515-725-3492.