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In accordance with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy regulations, each pharmacy licensed to provide pharmacy services to patients in Iowa shall implement or participate in a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program. CQI is intended to be an ongoing, systematic program of standards and procedures to detect, identify, evaluate, and prevent medication errors, thereby improving medication therapy and the quality of patient care. CQI can keep your pharmacy error rate low and help you make it even lower. Through cycles of data-driven improvement, you can continue to revise processes so it easier to keep safety standards high.

Pharmacy Quality Commitment (PQC) is a CQI program that helps you comply with quality assurance requirements found in network contracts, Medicare Part D, and state regulations. Part of the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety, which is a federally listed patient safety organization (PSO), PQC offer strong federal protection and confidentiality for your patient safety data and quality improvement work.

Key Quality Improvement Efforts:

Pharmacy Quality Solutions & EQuIPP is a performance information management platform that makes unbiased, benchmarked performance data available to both health plans and community pharmacy organizations. EQuIPP brings a level of standardization to the measurement of the quality of medication use, and makes this information accessible and easy to understand. By doing so, EQuIPP facilitates an environment where prescription drug plans and community pharmacies can engage in strategic relationships to address improvements in the quality of medication use.

Hospital Value-Based Purchasing is a commitment by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to transforming the quality of hospital care by realigning hospitals’ financial incentives to do so. How much of an incentive payment hospitals and health systems will receive will depend on their performance on an increasing number and type of measures, including clinical process-of-care, outcomes, and efficiency measures.

National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes is committed to improving the quality of care for individuals with dementia in nursing homes. The Partnership has a mission to deliver health care that is person-centered, comprehensive and interdisciplinary with a specific focus on protecting residents from being prescribed antipsychotic medications unless there is a valid, clinical indication and a systematic process to evaluate each individual’s need. Current Data Trends as of Q1 2017

Other Available Quality Resources: