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Robert G. Gibbs Distinguished Pharmacist

2023 recipient Bill Drilling

The Robert G. Gibbs Distinguished Pharmacist Award recognizes an Iowa pharmacist for outstanding contributions to the pharmacy profession and the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA). This award was established in 1979 in honor of IPA’s past Executive Officer, Robert G. Gibbs, who served the Association from 1959-1979 and is the highest recognition given to a pharmacist by IPA. In years when the award is presented, a $500 scholarship grant is awarded to an Iowa-based college of pharmacy.

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Past Recipients

2023 William (Bill) Drilling, RPh, Sioux City
2022 Donald E. Letendre, BSPh, PharmD, FASHP, Iowa City
2021 Steve Firman, BS Pharm,​ MBA, FAPhA​, Cedar Falls
2020 Julie W. Kuhle, BS Pharm, Indianola
2019 Stephen Hoag, PhD, Duluth, MN (posthumously)
2018 William J. Wimmer, JD, West Des Moines
2017 Bernard Sorofman, PhD, FAPhA, Iowa City
2016 Lloyd Jessen, BS Pharm, JD, Des Moines
2015 Ed Maier, RPh, Mapleton
2014 Al Shepley, RPh, Mount Vernon
2013 Raylene Rospond, BS, PharmD, FACCP, Des Moines
2011 Thomas R. Temple, RPh, MS, Des Moines
2010 Leman Olson, RPh, Mason City
2009 Lon Larson, PhD, Des Moines (posthumously)
2008 Jordan Cohen, PhD, Iowa City
2006 T.J. Johnsrud, RPh, Conrad
2005 Jerry Karbeling, RPh, Polk City (posthumously)
2004 Jim Miller, RPh, Dubuque
2001 Dennis Killion, RPh, Red Oak
1999 Gilbert Banker, PhD, Iowa City
1993 Rollin Bridge, RPh, Lamoni
1992 Norman Johnson, RPh, West Des Moines
1990 Robert J. Osterhaus, RPh, Maquoketa
1984 C. Boyd Granberg, PhD, West Des Moines
1983 Dale Wurster, PhD, Iowa City
1982 Max W. Eggleston, RPh, Waverly
1981 Jack Bare, RPh, Pleasantville
1980 Louis Zopf, PhD, Iowa City
1979 Robert G. Gibbs, RPh, Des Moines