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Poster Presentation

2024 recipients Madelynn Aeilts, Lindsey Ludwig, and Megan Myers
The Poster Presentation Award recognizes one original project each year that advances pharmacy practice in Iowa. Posters are judged on originality and innovation, reproducibility, impact on the profession, presentation and methodology. Poster abstracts are submitted prior to the IPA Annual Meeting and are used to judge award nominees. The final award selection is based on the overall poster presentation.

Past Recipients

2024 Utilizing Quality Improvement Organization Outreach and Community Pharmacies to Improve Nursing Home Vaccination Rates
Megan Myers, PharmD
Lindsey Ludwig, RPh
Madelynn Aeilts, PharmD Candidate 2026
2023 Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Involvement in an MAT Clinic
Emma Piehl, PharmD
Matthew J. Witry; Linnea A. Polgreen; Stevie R. Veach; Rachel I. Otting; Amanda A. Powers; Jess P. Smith
2022 A Pharmacist-Created Guideline for Opioid Prescribing at Hospital Discharge Following Acute Traumatic Injury
Darla Eastman, PharmD, BCPS
Anna Laire, PharmD Candidate 2023
Shannon Dicken, PharmD Candidate 2024
2021 antibiogramDSM: ​A Community Antibiogram and Educational Initiative
Andrew Meisner, PharmD, BCPS
Benjamin Williamson, MPH
Amanda Bushman, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID, BCIDP
2020 Community Pharmacist Use of Mobile ECG to Inform Drug Therapy Decision Making for Patients Receiving QTC Prolonging Medications
James Hoehns, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP
Matthew Witry, PharmD, PhD
Mary Oelmann, PharmD
Ryan Froerichs, PharmD
Joe Greenwood, PharmD
Robert Nichols, PharmD
Brianna Hostert, PharmD
Jenna Beninga, PharmD
Wesley Pilkington, PharmD
Emily O’Brien, PharmD, BCACP
Adam Froyum-Roise, MD, MPH
2019 Improving Transitions from Hospital to Home through Expanded Discharge Communication Between Pharmacy Providers
Chelsea McIntire, PharmD
Diane Reist, PharmD
Jordan Schultz, PharmD, MSCS, BCACP
2018 Pharmacist-Led Medicare Annual Wellness Visits at a Family Medicine Clinic
Sara Wiedenfeld, PharmD, BCPS
2017 Superior Patient Outcomes Through an Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Practice Model at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC)
Alex Mersch, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
Kim Spading, RPh, MBA
Emily Dierickx, PharmD
2016 Changes in Pharmacy Practice Due to a Change in Prescription Refill Processing: The Iowa New Practice Model
Michael Andreski, BS Pharm, MBA, PhD
Megan Myers, PharmD
2015 Evaluation of Physician–Pharmacist Collaboration Model
Natalie Dawn Blaine, PharmD Candidate
Rachel J. Finkelstein, PharmD
Christopher P. Parker, PharmD, BCACP
Barry L. Carter, PharmD
2014 Evaluation of Community Pharmacist-Managed Transitions of Care on Hospital Readmission Rates
Rachel I. Smith, PharmD, Pharmacist Resident, University of Iowa College of Pharmacy
Joshua Feldman, PharmD
Jack Kampf, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
Craig Otting, PharmD
Heather Rickertsen, PharmD
Jessica Smith, PharmD, MPH  William Doucette, PhD
Christine Catney, PharmD
Stevie Veach, PharmD, BCACP
2013 Demonstrated Improvement of Dispensing Accuracy Through Implementation of Tech-Check-Tech
John Hamiel PharmD, Regional Director of Pharmacy
Kelly Komen, CPhT 
Patsy Frank, CPhT 
Arlene Wright, RPh, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Iowa Region
2012 Brown Bag CMR’s: Review of the Medicine Cabinet
Kyle Hilsabeck, PharmD, Community Pharmacy Resident
Alan Shepley, RPh
Christine Catney, MA, PharmD
Jay Currie, PharmD, FCCP, FAPhA 
Bernard Sorofman, PharmD 
Mary Schroeder, PhD
University of Iowa Department of Pharmacy Practice and Shepley Pharmacy
2011 Evaluation of Pharmacist Decision Making and Opinions Involving Prescriptions with a High Probability of Causing Patient Harm
Colleen S. Kann, PharmD/Pharmacy Resident
James D. Hoehns, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS
John E. Sutherland, MD
James J. Poock, MD, Northeast Iowa Medical Education Foundation
2010 Development and Implementation of a Medication Therapy Management Service in a Primary Care Clinic Serving an Underinsured Population
Marie Marcelino, PharmD, MBA
2009 Relationship Between Medication Intolerance And Achieving Therapeutic Goals For Hypertension, Diabetes, And Hyperlipidemia
Julianna M. Kula, PharmD
2008 The Effect of Sample Medication Restrictions on Prescribing Patterns at a Private Internal Medicine Clinic
Andrew Miesner, PharmD
2007 Implementation and Marketing of a Community Pharmacy Based Shingles Vaccine Administration Program
Sarah Boyce, PharmD
2006 Assessing Risk of Cardiovascular Disease for Union Workers and Their Dependents: Results of A Pharmacist-Managed Health Screening Program
Yifei Liu, MS
Randal P. McDonough, PharmD, MS
William R. Doucette, PhD
Xiaoyun Pan, BS
Kathleen Miller, BS Pharm
2005 Evaluating the Implementation of a Medication Quality Assurance Program: Attitudes and Effectiveness
Rebekah M. Jackowski, PharmD
2004 Implementation of Standardized Chemotherapy Orders Through Citywide Collaboration
Julie Suiter, PharmD, BCOP
John L’Estrange, PharmD
Mercy Hospital Pharmacy Department
Iowa Methodist Medical Center Pharmacy Department
Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates
2003 A Cost-Benefit Analysis on the Implementation of a Cardiovascular Wellness Program from the Pharmaceutical Care Provider Perspective
Justin Wilson, PharmD
2002 Development and Implementation of a Cardiovascular Risk Management Program in a Self-Insured Company by Community Pharmacists
Brenna Button, PharmD
Matt Osterhaus, RPh
Jay Currie, PharmD
Patty Kumbera, RPh
Karen Farris, PhD
Bill Doucette, PhD
2001 Vancomycin Dosing Nomogram in the Elderly Veteran Population
Cheryl Cropp, PharmD, BCPS
Sharon Foust, PharmD
2000 Implementation of Antiemetic Guidelines for Adult Chemotherapy Patients in Two Private Hospitals
John L’Estrange, PharmD
Julie Suiter, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP
1999 Implementation of a Headache Educational Program by a Community Pharmaceutical Care Resident
Carrie (Foust) Koenigsfeld, PharmD
Jay Currie, PharmD
Al Shepley, RPh
Marla Tonn, RPh